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Blue Pavement Marker with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive ~ Blue ~ Dual Lens

• Enhance roadway visibility by clearly marking lanes and traffic directions

Pavement markers provide daytime and highly effective nighttime visibility.  Durable markers are engineered thermoplastic for maximum impact resistance and weatherability.  The molded in color and inset micro-prismatic optics lens provides optimum retro-reflectivity in dry and wet conditions.  4" x 3-1/2" x 1/2" marker is available with one lens for one-way traffic visibility and two lenses for two-way traffic visibility.  Raised markers are affixed to the surface with separate adhesive (2-part epoxy, sold separately) or attached pressure adhesive pad.  When run over, they create a rumble effect in the vehicle to warn of lane crossing.

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