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Boxed Unit Flexible Fabric 4ea Knuckle & 5ea Fingertip Bandages


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Fingertip and Knuckle ~ 10/box ~ Unitized First Aid Kit Refill

• Flexible elastic cloth bandage protects wounds from dirt and germs
• Sterile, long-lasting adhesive
• Non-stick wound pad
• Fingertip, light woven cloth, 5 per unit
• knuckle, light woven cloth, 5 per unit
• Latex free
• Single width unit box

Safety: Unitized boxes have clearly written and illustrated instructions, ingredient listing, and dosage recommendations.

Quality: Each unit is produced to exacting specifications and checked for quality throughout the manufacturing and packaging process.

Easy to Inventory: Each unitized item is packed in a color-coded box.  Each unit is then individually sealed in cellophane to instantly let you know when it has been opened and used.  Inventory is easier, so when an accident occurs or OSHA inspects, you're sure to be ready with fully equipped first aid kits.

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