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Choice Foam 2″ Square, Foam Electrode, Pk/4


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2" x 2" Square Electrode with Pigtail ~ Sold by the pack of 4

• Long lasting 0.40 inch thick hydrogel giving superior conformability to body contours
• Quick, moderately aggressive tac
• Firm, yet gentle electrode to skin contact for multiple applications
• High re-wet ability/dryout resistance making the electrode effective in high heat and humidity
• High conductive carbon film giving even current distribution
• Soft foam cover making the electrode flexible and conformable to a variety of application sites
• Soft molded socket connector provides superior connection to the lead wire
• Highly conductive pigtail wire strands
• 4 electrodes per pack
• A tinted double-coated storage liner (simplifies removal and storage.  Both sides are also gel friendly, so electrodes can be stored on either side)
• Multiple applications from 10-14 days

Many clinical therapists recommend foam backed electrodes when the treatment is combining hot and cold therapies with electrode stimulation.  The foam backing repels moisture created by the treatment and adds insulation between the external therapy and the electrode pad.  Many of our customers prefer the foam backed electrodes for their smooth touch and flexibility, though they are somewhat more high profile than the mesh backing.  Mesh or cloth backing is generally slightly more flexible than their foam backed counterparts.

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