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Elastikon Tape 1″ x 2.5yards


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1" x 2-1/2 yards ~ Sold by the Roll

• High twist, cotton elastic cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive
• Designed to help provide elasticity needed for dynamic/pressure dressings requiring elasticity, support strapping, fractures, muscles injuries, knees, elbows and shoulders
• Porous construction allows skin to breathe and allows for moisture transmission
• The red line centered on the backcloth provides guide for uniform application and pressure
• Rubber based adhesive provides strong adhesion with minimal residue
• Dry feathered edge, adhesive is applied to within 1/8" of edge to provide neat and comfortable application without adhesive bleed
• Has low unwind tension which makes the last yard of tape just as easy to remove and use as the first yard
• Quantity discounts available at 12 rolls (box) and 144 rolls (case)

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