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Electronic Muscle Stimulator Kit


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EMS-5000 Electronic Muscle Stimulator ~ Sold as a kit

• The EMS-5000 Electronic Muscle Stimulator kit includes; Device, 1 set of 4 electrodes, 1 set of lead wires, battery, users manual and hard carrying case
• Adjustable pulse rates, fixed pulse width
• Pocket size, easy operation

Channel: Dual, isolated between channels
Power Supply: 9V alkaline battery or similar rechargeable cell
Dimensions: 24 x 64 x 95mm
Weight: 130 grams (including battery), approx. 5ounces
Electrodes: 1 set of 4 2" x 2" electrodes
Timer: NONE

Waveform: Modified square wave with zero met direct current (DC) component
Pulse amplitude: Constant current 0 to 80Ma each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load)
Pulse Ramp: 1, 3, 5 seconds
Pulse Frequency: 5, 30, 100Hz

The EMS-5000 uses electrical impulses to contract and relax muscles.  It produces "passive" exercise by sending electrical impulses or signals to the selected muscle or muscle groups to contract and relax them.  The EMS can relax a "tense", "tight" or spasmodic muscle.  Common candidates for EMS include those in high stress situations who experience muscle tension in the upper back and neck areas, and those who suffer from chronic tension headaches.  The EMS will increase motion, range and response of muscles restricted from disuse or from atrophy from another cause.  It is helpful following activity restrictions, such as after surger or being in a cast.  It is also helpful at increasing local blood circulation.  This is a dual channel unit, which allows you to use up to four electrodes at a time (two electroeds per channel).  The EMS is portable and may be clipped to a belt, shirt pocket, bra or clothing.

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