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HeartSine Samaritan PAD-Pak Pediatric Defibrillation Electrode Pad & Battery Combination


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For HeartSine PAD-Pak AED's

Attention: Only for use with HeartSine "Pediatric Ready" PAD units. Please make sure your HeartSine PAD Unit is labeled SAM300P on the back of the device before purchasing this item.

Heartsine has take their PAD-PAK approach to AED therapy to the next level by offering a pediartic option for AED programs that might involve children. The pads and battery have a 3 year shelf life/stand-by life.

The HeartSine Samaritan PEDIATRIC-PAK includes one set of pediatric defibrillation pads and one battery providing over 6 hours of continuous monitoring or up to 30 shocks. These pads are specially tailored to deliver the proper shock to a child, with the energy settings that are right for their bodies.

Remember, once the battery is depleted the AED will not function. We always recommend having a fully charged spare.

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