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Heavy Resistance Thera-Band Exercise Tubing Packs


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Heavy Resistance Pack ~ Black and Blue Tubes

• Exercise and strengthen muscles in the upper and lower body to build strength, increase motion and improve conditioning
• Improves strength, range of motion and flexibility in a simple to use, portable product that works in the clinic, the gym, at home or on the road
• Color-coded Progressive Resistance system allows users to recognize improvement as it happens, as you grow stronger you can move up to the next color
• Rehabilitate muscles through simple yet effective workouts to increase strength and improve motion
• Advanced Set includes the fifth and sixth of eight levels of Latex Resistance Tubes
     • Blue: 100% 5.8 lbs., 200% 8.6 lbs.
     • Black: 100% 7.3 lbs., 200% 10.2%

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