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Non-Adherent Adaptic Oil Dressing 5″ x 9″


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5" x 9" ~ Sold by the each

• Made from knitted cellulose acetate, impregnated with petrolatum emulsion
• Non-adherent to prevent dressing from sticking to wounds
• Exudate easily passes through to the absorbent dressing specially formulated petrolatum emulsion designed to protect the wound
• Can be cut or trimmed without unraveling or shredding
• Quantity discounts available at 12 (box)

Indications ADAPTIC Dressing is indicated for dry to highly exuding wounds where adherence of dressing and exudate is to be prevented, including: first and second degree burns, abrasions, grafts, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, nail extractions, eczema, staples, surgical incisions, lacerations, reconstructive procedures and suture lines.

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