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SpiderTech Upper-Knee Spider, 4 pack


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Blue ~ 4/Pack

• The SpiderTech® Upper-Knee Spiders can help improve athletic performance and postoperative rehabilitation along with targeting knee joint instability and ligament strains
• Improves feedback and timing of muscles controlling knee stability
• Provides protection during healing and aids in the prevention of injury
• Use this muscle relief tape for kinesiology taping when sports, training and other aspects of an active lifestyle hit a little too hard. SpiderTech® tape is the drug-free way to reduce discomfort and activate muscle motion
• Water-resistant and breathable, this tape is designed to be worn during strenuous exercise and last for several days
• Made from high-grade 100% cotton, with 100% poly-acrylic adhesive that leaves no residue when removed
• Comes with easy to follow instructions

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