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Trigger Point Relief Self-Massager


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• Relieve pain through direct pressure in your back, neck, shoulders, and anywhere else your body holds tension
• The unique multi-purpose handles offer full control when navigating the device over your body
• Therapy knobs provide deep trigger point release
• Use treat problem areas on your legs, arms, feet, chest and hips
• Stimulates oxygenated blood flow for a therapeutic response

Collapsible for easy travel, the Trigger Point Relief Self-Massager is the most convenient way to massage tight and achy muscles on the go. With its easy-to-hold ergonomic design, this back massager makes it easy to relieve pain through direct pressure. Get all the benefits of a professional massage without the price tag. The detachable design makes it simple to break the massager down into two small parts that fit perfectly into your bag or briefcase. Seven trigger point knobs around the massager are specially designed to simulate the action of a massage therapist's thumb. Massage tight trigger points in your shoulders, neck, back, feet and legs to release tension. Measures 14.25" x 11" x 1.5".

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